Be safe on the run!

Women, children and men are on the run because of the war in Ukraine. They are vulnerable to becoming victims of human trafficking and exploitation. Many people offer help, but unfortunately not everyone can be trusted.

Are you on the run?
Be aware of the following points:

Never give a passport or ID to anyone other than a border guard. Wear it close to your body. Take a picture of your identity documents with your phone so you have a backup in case of loss or theft. Send a copy to friends/family and to yourself.

Anyone in possession of a Ukrainian passport or ID can use public transport in the Netherlands for free. If you travel by taxi / van / means of transport other than your own car or public transport, inform a family member or friend about your location as soon as possible. Before boarding, take a photo of the taxi driver's license and send it to friends/family. Do not board a driver who does not allow photos to be taken.

Carry cash with you somewhere hidden, maybe even in multiple places. Assume that any bag or luggage you carry has to be left behind at some point. Remember your credit card/debit card number. Remember phone numbers of several reliable people who can transfer/help money if you really need it and you lose your phone.

Agree a code word with your friends and family so that if you are in danger and can't say it, they understand that you are in danger. Let them know regularly with whom and where you are staying. 

Are you staying in a location where you feel unsafe? Seek help from the agencies below. If you do not have a place to sleep with friends or family, the Dutch government will ensure that you are taken care of. You are entitled to basic amenities such as a bed, food and medical care. The Council for Refugees provides information there and has an intermediary function. For more information from Vluchtelingenwerk: forrefugeesNL You can also visit the website of for more information the Red Cross

For work-related problems and labor exploitation, you can contact FairWork via telephone number 020 760 0809 or fair work NOW† Contact in your own language is possible. You can report a suspicion of labor exploitation to the Dutch Labor Inspectorate on 0800 5151.

In the event of immediate danger, call the emergency number in the Netherlands: 112. This number can also be reached via Whatsapp. You can report a suspicion of coercion and exploitation by telephone to the local police on 0900 8844. CoMensha, the national Coordination Center against Human Trafficking, mediates for victims in shelter and assistance and offers information and advice. For more information, please contact 033 448 1186 (available from Monday to Friday between 09:00 – 17.00:XNUMX) or Or look at the website Comensha For organizations outside the Netherlands that provide assistance to victims of human trafficking, see: lastradainternational