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About us


The Westland Foundation for Ukraine originated from a private initiative to try to match the supply and demand for help from and for Ukrainian refugees in Westland. It soon became apparent that supply and demand were very high and that a Facebook group in which they were brought together was not enough. A collection point was opened, where people could bring their relief supplies and where a lot of volunteers sorted them out and distributed them to the places where it was most needed. Less than 24 hours after opening the collection point, it quickly turned out to be too small, so several points were opened. People also came who wanted to contribute financially and all this called for an organization that could manage all of this. To this end, a foundation has now been established with the aim of supporting all Ukrainian refugees residing in Westland and all those who provide them with assistance in all possible ways, so that these people can participate in our Westland society as quickly as possible, as well and normally as possible.

The foundation is not for profit, all funds received are used to achieve the goal. The directors do not receive any compensation. If at the end of the ride, if the foundation has become redundant, there is money left over, this will be spent on behalf of a public benefit institution with a similar objective to the objective of the foundation.