• Westland for Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Westland for Ukraine 🇺🇦



The giveaway shop has been open since April 2022. 

We have been able to help many of you with clothing, care products and toys and have done so with a lot of love. 

Above all, we have also been able to get to know you recently, we have spoken to each other from heart to heart and friendships have arisen. We are very happy with that.

Because everyone now receives a living allowance and many people have started working under you, we have made the decision that the store will close after 9 months.

Saturday 17 December 2022 was the last day the store was open.

We would like to emphasize that you can also contact us after this time, if necessary. We would like to point out our Facebookpagina 

Of course we will miss you and we hope to meet many of you in the Westland. We wish you all the best, together with the people you hold dear 💙💛❤️


The Westland, a safe haven



Welcome to the website of the Westland Foundation for Ukraine. This foundation was started as a result of the reception of Ukrainian refugees in Westland.
The goal of Westland for Ukraine is to give the people from Ukraine who are temporarily staying in Westland a full, full and social life as possible.
We offer as much customization as possible by responding to current requests for help. In March, for example, the emphasis was on arranging clean and warm clothing. The focus is now shifting towards linking friends and stimulating mobility by providing our target group with bicycles.

The website is of course in Dutch and English as well as in Ukrainian. Click on the relevant flag at the top right of this website for translation.

Can Westland also count on your support for Ukraine?